The Danzantes Unidos Festival (A.K.A. DUF) is a badass festival where young danzantes get together and participate in traditional Mexican dance workshops. It is one of the coolest events we vend and sell our t-shirts at and was the second event (If I remember correctly) we ever participated in.

It’s always great to see all these Xicanas, Xicanos, Mexican and Latina/o youth united in this harmonious, creative and welcoming space where they can express themselves, their heritage and Cultura. ¡The energía/vibras at this event is freaking chignona y muy positiva! We are always honored to be part of that experience.

Last year the talented homies at Nopal Media took the time to interview us. Muchas gracias Hermanos y Hermanas at the Nopal Media… The video come out great. Keep doing what you all do…

Here it is for you to check it out.